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Knuckle Puck
Walnut Creek, CA • March 7th
Trevor Henrich Photography

Anonymous: ah yes that is pretty radical dude. hey story time. it's 2:30 in the morning and i have so much stuff to do haha i hate myself!!! :-) i'm too lazy but i gotta pack my suitcase for a road trip i'm goin on in a few hours. okay yeah please just tell me to go pack and to stop being dumb

Please go pack up your stuff.
Remember to fold them neatly.

Anonymous: yo i'm talkin to you what's up home skillet

Nm nm man
I just got the three Say Anything albums I’ve been searching the depths of the Internet to get so that’s really cool

my-poison-of-choice: Your blog is rad and have a great day ✌

Thank you very much ✌️

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Title Fight (by Cam Warthan)

Anyone talk to me pls

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Childish Gambino Glitch - Ctrl Alt Design
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Parker Cannon of The Story So FarVans Warped Tour 2014July 17th, 2014 Taken by: Delaney Wolf Stay Connected!Wolves Media UK homepageTwitter

Dude if that’s a Lebron James jersey…Parker said fuck Lebron James at my Warped tour date…

Jamming records in my boxers must be the best feeling ever